Testimonials about Heather Mayer Doula serviices


"Heather has an intuitive gift of immediately understanding where people are coming from and the best way to react in the hardest of circumstances. She is calm and to the point always with a touch of light hearted humor." - Marisa

"By hiring Heather, I was able to feel completely safe to take the recovery time I needed to reconnect with who I was as my own entity, as well as much needed breaks to, frankly, sleep! Heather was amazing with my fussy little baby girl and so helpful to me as well. Not only did Heather provide excellent care for my daughter, she offered practical and useful suggestions for improved breastfeeding and taught me how to use a sling. In short, I highly recommend Heather for your postpartum, baby care needs." - Donna RN, BSN

"Heather provided something priceless during my c-section -- peace of mind. I can't say enough about her compassion and optimism in the weeks leading up to my due date when my hoped-for VBAC turned into a scheduled c-section. Thanks to Heather, I can honestly say that major surgery was a great experience!" - Theresa

"Heather was an amazing doula. Her energy was so grounding and comforting. When I called her and told her it was time she immediately started to listen to how I was handling labor and assessed where I was. When she came over she helped me find positions to labor in that worked for me. She timed all of my contractions and was my voice when my midwife got there and other family members arrived. It was hard to talk most of the time so she would fill everyone in. When we were in the last phases of the journey she was excellent in massaging my back and helping me through transition. She is a lovely person and I would highly recommend her to anyone. We chose to have a home birth and having a doula like heather was an integral part of my birth team." - Jennifer

"Wow. Words cannot describe how invaluable Heather was during my labor and birth of my baby boy! With Heather's support, I was able to have the VBAC that I had been dreaming of having. I honestly don't think I could've done it without her. She kept me calm and focused throughout the entire experience. She was by my side through it all, helping me to manage contractions; and she really made me feel like I was in a safe, comfortable zone the entire time. And even toward the end, as things got more intense and I started to lose my confidence, Heather's grounding presence brought me back and kept me going. Heather is an exceptional doula who truly knows how to show up fully and give you the support you need for having the birth that you want! I'm SO happy we hired her. It was one of the best decisions ever." - Rhoda

"Heather was an amazingly supportive doula! I would hire her again and again and again! She was very supportive to my partner and I through the entire birth process -- from early labor to the unexpected C-section and beyond, helping us keep calm, helping us discuss our paths, and feel grounded. I felt incredibly cared for during one of the most difficult and amazing times of my life." - Michelle R.

"Heather was there for the birth of our daughter in November 2014. In the months leading up to birth, she was great at communicating and establishing a relationship with me. I felt totally comfortable with her and appreciated her calm and encouraging spirit, especially in the delivery room. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again, and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula. Thanks, Heather!" - Elizabeth G.

"Heather was a tremendous help to me as a postpartum doula! I was coming off a nine-day hospital stay after an unexpected C-section and subsequent infection - and she was reassuring and helpful in taking care of my son. Her compassion and wonderful sense of humor gave me a great deal of confidence as I got back on my feet." - Ann D.

"A HUGE thank you and hugs to Heather Mayer, who supported me in the birth of my 3rd baby yesterday. She intuitively, lovingly, and passionately supported us every step of the way. Because of her knowledge and energy, we had the best birth experience, better than I even imagined possible. She is so Clued in to mom, baby, and hospital staff that she just seems to know exactly what to do and when, amazing. I highly recommend that anyone planning for a new tiny person to join the family contact Heather Mayer for her gifts as a Doula. Mom and new baby sister are doing great." - Sara G.

"Heather is a gem. It was absolutely wonderful working with her before, during, and after the birth of my son. She is an excellent listener and her work with me and my husband during the whole process was seamless. I didn't feel judged at all for my personal birthing decisions and felt such relief knowing I had an advocate by my side. She also referred me to an incredible lactation consultant. Though I don't plan to have anymore children, if I did, I would want to take Heather along on my birthing journey. - Jessica N.

As a doula myself I knew it would take someone very special for me to have at my birth. Heather made me feel comfortable that my space would be protected. I am so happy we made the decision to have Heather a part of our birth. My water broke at 34 weeks and luckily Heather was available! Knowing that I was about to have a preemie made everything different and hard to make decisions. I’m so glad she was there to bounce ideas off of and get advice from her experiences. Heather supported me and reminded me of things that were important to me. She knew how to deal with me and then joke with my husband when that is just what he needed. After my baby was born he was being intubated in the room and her words to me were so comforting to me. I was able to have an unmeciated birth while on Pitocin and give all the thanks to her for that. So much of what I planned for my brith was thrown out the window but im so grateful I was able to hold on to that part. I know I could have given birth without Heather there… But I know it would not have gone as smoothly as it did. For having what some people would call a “tragic birth” I felt amazing. Thank you Heather for keeping my space… for mothering me… and reminding me of my goals. - Juliette S.