I’ve got great support, why do I need a doula?!

You’ve got an amazing partner,  the most fantastic BFF, perhaps a super sister, or a mother/grandmother who rocks beyond belief. Maybe even more than one of these things. So…what the heck do you need a birth doula for?!

A birth doula is a trained professional with a vast knowledge of labor and birth. The care provided by your loved ones is priceless during labor and childbirth – no one knows you better than your partner or close friends and family! The expertise and experience of a birth doula will only compliment this by providing support to your entire birth team, with the main focus always being on you. A doula will enhance the support that others will provide, without being intrusive.

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Your mother, father, grandmother, and dear friends each have their own emotional response to seeing you, a woman they love experience labor, and to welcoming this new child into their lives. Doulas respect that this is a special moment for each person, and gently provide encouragement, information and reassurance that will help your loved ones offer their support in a way that also respects your needs.

Most family and friends do not have experience with labor and birth. They don’t know what is “normal”, they often don’t know the physiology of labor and how to help you find a good position to help relieve pain or discomfort, and above all else they are emotionally involved.  A doula is not emotionally involved like those closest to you. We know that it’s ok if you cry during labor or curse loudly or say you want to give up. Labor is hard work! Doulas know this! But we also know you can do it and we know how to talk you through the difficult parts. We care about you. We are there to be your support, and many times Moms/Sisters/BFFs don’t know what to do when you say you give up. They want to fix it. They may try to convince you to make choices that you are trying to avoid or distract you with their worries.

A doula speaks the language of birth, both intuitively and technically. Doulas are trained in providing comfort measures for coping with pain, normalizing the experience for all involved, and assisting a mother and her partner/team in making informed choices around her birth experience and newborn care.

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