The mommy wars…breast vs formula

I am a certified lactation counselor (CLC). I’m proud of that certification. I worked hard for it. I’m passionate about breastfeeding, and the normalization of breastfeeding. I exclusively breastfed both of my children. We did child lead weaning. I’ve supported and encouraged many friends, and clients in their breastfeeding journey.


But get ready for this –

As your doula – I. Don’t. Care. How. You. Feed. Your. Baby.

I don’t care. It’s your choice. I don’t judge.

I don’t think formula is evil. I don’t think you and your baby are doomed if you choose to or have to exclusively formula feed or supplement.


I will advocate for breastfeeding. I’m the first to step up and tell you all the wonderful benefits to mom and baby IF you’re on the fence. Or, if you want to hear it.

We all have a reason for the choices we make, and I trust that our reasons are very good reasons.

Calm, gentle, nonjudgmental support for all families.

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