My doula wish for you…

I wish for your birth to be everything you want it to be. I want it to be joyful, and empowering. I want it to be safe, and I want you to always feel listened to and respected.

As a doula, I’m a natural birth cheerleader, this is true, but, as YOUR doula I respect that your birth is your choice. It’s my job to help support your wishes and needs every step of the way.
It’s my job to help you remember why you don’t want that epidural, and to find your voice to say NO. It’s my job to tell you how awesome you’re doing, and hold your hand, and reassure you that you are strong and powerful even if you decide that drugs are the best choice.
It’s my job to focus on YOU, 100%. To respect and support your choices.
It’s my job to help you stick to your birth plan, and remind you of all the reasons you wanted it, but, it’s also my job to let you make your own choices, and change your mind as things progress.
I wish you everything you want from your birth, no matter what path that may take, and how different it may look from one moment to the next.
It’s my wish, that every time you look down at that new, beautiful being, no matter how they came earthside, that you know that YOU are strong, YOU are powerful, YOU did this.


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